Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stuck in a rut with your job / Want a change???

At times things can feel so overwhelming with work and there seems to be no way out!

Wanting a career change, not knowing where to start or having the confidence to dare take one step towards your goal is obviously going to be very daunting to you!

Here are some of the steps I took to change my career even when I had Panic Attacks & Depression…

1. Work out what it is you want. I don’t care if it is doing a 180 degree turn around from what you are currently doing (if anything).

2. Research it, get into that feeling mode of being in that job!

a - Find out what skills are required in order to do the work.
b - Find a place that offers training in these areas.
c - Ring them or again, search online for their courses available.

3. You can with many places nowadays study from home! This enables you to work at your leisure and study when you are able to, or, study when you feel like it without the added stress (if you are inclined to worry about studying within a school environment).

4. If you have the opportunity / time, perhaps you may want to consider calling some places in the field you have chosen to do some work-experience! There aren’t too many places I know that would knock back getting work for free! This can also help ease any pressure you may have conjured up in relation to letting anyone down should it not be the correct job for you!

5. Start journaling on this, write down everything that you want to do and become! You will find that ideas seem to pop up out of the blue once you get into this. Life is funny that way, you will meet someone who knows someone who can help you in your new idea!

6. Meditate on it – Sit quietly for 10 or 15 minutes just visioning doing this job, get to the FEELING PLACE of having it already!

7. Be positive! There are times you may very well get disheartened by the thought of changing career-paths, BUT, don’t let that stop you. When you feel like this, just acknowledge it and let it go. Don’t dwell upon it. If it is what you truly want, it will come! You will get a thirst for life you never knew existed when you take these small but important steps towards your personal desires!

8. Be Easy about it…… Be easy, Be easy, Be Easy, Be Easy, Be Easy…!

9. SMILE…. It’s right around the corner ;)


*.*.*. JOY .*.*.*
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-ambe- said...

Thanks for the tips, looks easy to do. :D